Located in Portland Oregon, Jesse and Katie Hancock share a passion for creating and eating good food — it’s been a large part of our relationship since the beginning.  It was our dream to someday start a business in which we could work together and build on our love of food.

One fall day, after picking a particularly large amount of green beans from our small family garden, we decided to preserve the harvest through the generationally passed art of pickling.  At that moment, Unbound Pickling was born and we haven’t stopped creating since.

Officially launching in the summer of 2009, we immediately focused our attention on capturing and pickling the wide array of produce fortunately found throughout the Oregon Willamette Valley and Pacific Northwest.

Our vegetables and herbs are locally sourced through direct relationships with the farmers to help ensure we obtain peak freshness.  We only use all natural ingredients and high quality, seasonal vegetables and herbs to create our artisan small-batch pickled products.  Each individual jar of gourmet pickles is carefully monitored and hand packed (by Jesse and Katie).

Our pickles are differentiated by their extraordinary quality, attractive packaging, and unconventional assortment of varieties and flavors.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them for you.